Monday, 27 October 2014

Loving Unique You

We tend to look at the differences between us and other people as our flaws and failings rather than the things that make us us. 

We have such diversity.  In height, colouring, build.  When we compare ourselves with other people, we will often feel we fall short because we see that we are different.  But that's by design!  We were never intended to be anyone but ourselves.

I think the things that make us different are the things that make us beautiful.

Your uniqueness is your greatest beauty secret.  There is only ever going to be one of you to love.

This is part of a series on #selflove.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Loving Real You


Only 5% of women have the type of bodies we see in ads.  Blogger Jes Baker teamed up with photographer Liora K to give attention to the other 95%.

The project is all about each person's beauty and uniqueness, Liora K says:

You can read more in this piece from Huffington Post.

Comparing ourselves with other people is usually what makes us feel bad about ourselves.  But a project like this takes away some of the facade and secrecy and shows that under the clothes and the fears, perfection is a myth and we are all real, unique, beautiful...

Monday, 29 September 2014

Loving Imperfect You

This is part of a series about #selflove.  Last time I said that you are A UNIQUE, MIRACULOUS MASTERPIECE!!

And I want to add that you are BEAUTIFUL.

Yes!  Even beautiful.  People tend to think it's wrong to see themselves as beautiful because they don't belong in the world of the beautiful women.  They were never one of the girls who was considered to be pretty.

We grow up surrounded by ideas of what pretty equals and we feel we can't love ourselves when the world tells us what beautiful is, that it's not us and that there are people who are prettier than we are.

But you are allowed to think of yourself as beautiful.  You have every right.

The magazine and self improvement industries play on our deep fears and make us feel that we have no right to be 'imperfect' when we could do 'better'.

But... what if you don't have to be perfect to be beautiful?

Monday, 15 September 2014

What's To Love?

This is the start of a series about loving ourselves.  But before we even talk love or like, I want us to think about what it is that might make us worthy of us paying ourselves any attention at all...

Here's 3 reasons to start with:

1.  You are a MIRACLE.  This is undeniable.  It is miraculous that you exist.  The sperm that made you beat 400 million other sperm to fertilise the egg.  That's 6 1/2 times bigger than the entire UK population in sperm!

2.  You are a MASTERPIECE.  Just biologically.  You have 4 million pores.  60,000 miles of blood vessels (they would stretch 2 1/2 times around the earth) and 9-12 pints of blood that make 4000 trips a day around your body.  50 miles of nerves connect your brain, spinal cord and body.  And you have more than 3 million working parts in your eye alone.

3.  You are UNIQUE.  I really like the definition of that word:  one of a kind, extraordinary, distinct from others in a way that makes you worthy of note.

There's never been anyone like you before and there never will be again.  Your identity is in the unique DNA of all your 75 trillion cells which are so tiny 200 of them could fit on a full stop.

But marvellous as your body is, you're not just a unique body.  Of all the zillions of people who have ever lived, and will ever live, not one could be mistaken for you.  You have a unique personality, a unique mind and a unique potential to bring a unique style and creativity to everything you put your hand to.  As an original there must be some things for you to express that no one else can.  Only you can be you and impact the world your way.


Friday, 29 August 2014

Signature Style Boards

We've been talking finding your personal style for a few weeks now.  Here's a quick recap:
Today, I wanted to tell you about this signature style series by Carrie at Making Lemonade.

She's gathered a group of people who have all put together a signature style board each and talk you through their choices on their blogs.  There are 22 signature style boards to look at - most relating to home style but still really inspiring and interesting.  Click here and scroll down the page to the list of boards.

Monday, 25 August 2014

I RECOMMEND: The No Brainer Wardrobe

I started reading Hayley Morgan aka The Tiny Twig's blog during her 31 Day No Brainer Wardrobe series back in 2011. 

The series is well worth a look as is the book that came out of it:  The No Brainer Wardrobe.  And so is her latest project - an ethical line of children's clothing - Wildly Co - that she's currently looking to fund.

She gives lots of good advice and all with a really positive attitude to what can be the very depressing subject of getting dressed!!

I especially wanted to recommend it today as for the last two weeks we've been talking about translating inspirations into real clothes.

Hayley is really big on this.  She's a fan of Pinterest and gives lots of helpful examples of turning inspirations into real clothes for real life.  Like this one:

She runs through this outfit explaining that:

1. She picks out the main components of it:  t.shirt, knitted waistcoat with shawl collar, wide belt and black trousers.

2. She finds things in her wardrobe that emulate it:  leggings as she doesn't have black trousers, grey t.shirt, the waistcoat although it's a bit longer.

She says:  "You see, it's all about the spirit of the outfit... not the exact match." which is exactly what I've been trying to say and I hope you're starting to see.

For more examples, buy the book!  Here's the testimonial I wrote that's on 'The No Brainer Wardrobe' website:

I have read so many books about all things to do with clothes but I found 'The No Brainer Wardrobe' like a breath of fresh air.  It simplifies something so many of us over complicate without taking away the creative element of having a unique style.  In fact, Hayley suggests really practical ways you can identify your personal taste and convert it into a real wardrobbe for real life.  Unlike other books, it encouraged me that having a wardrobe that works for all occasions is within reach and that getting and maintaining it can actually be straightforward and fun.

(Just so you know - I get no remuneration for recommending any of this).