Monday, 20 January 2014

"All Women Are Beautiful..."

"All women are beautiful..."
-Catherine Bailey
(quoted in February edition of Vogue)

Catherine Bailey is the wife of the famous portrait photographer David Bailey.  He's taken so many pictures of her, a selection will take up a room of 'Stardust', the exhibition of his work which opens on 6 February at the NPG.  Along with pictures of other people - a mixture of ages and nationalities.

Shes' right.  Women as a whole are a beautiful creation, each individual a work of art.  Unique, interesting, special.

Bailey goes on, in reference to photos, to say:  

"Everyone has something extraordinary about them when they're caught in the static frame."

The beauty of each individual and the fact that we are all in this together are concepts at the heart of Mirror Makeover.  That we should each:

  • accept that we are worthy of being called 'beautiful'
  • appreciate every other woman's worthiness of it too

A mentality that says:  "I AM BEAUTIFUL AND SO ARE YOU!"

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