Monday, 26 May 2014

So How Did You Find Doing Cuttings?

The first time I did some cuttings, I just got all the old magazines and clothing catalogues I could find and went through tearing out looks I liked.  I can't remember what gave me the idea to do that but I really enjoyed it and it helped me so much to begin to know how I wanted to dress - even if I can't always achieve it!

But when I've worked with women individually or they've been asked to bring cuttings to a group workshop, very often they come without anything or they bring just one or two scraps they can hardly bear to admit to having torn out.

Mostly they're reluctant to do the cuttings and embarrassed about what they've got.

I can understand that - they're not for their eyes only.  They're either going to share them with me or a group.  And in sharing with a group, they're going to see what other people have brought and that can lead to all sorts of fears of how their cuttings will compare.

It's sad because it's such a helpful thing to do.  I hope you've been enjoying finding looks you like and not been feeling inhibited.  Perhaps as you're not doing the cuttings to show to anyone, you've felt a freedom and not been editing as you've gone along - trying to make them into something you feel comfortable with other people seeing.

At workshops, what never fails to amaze me is how diverse everybody's cuttings are.  Even if they've been using the same magazines, each person is so completely different and has such a distinct style.

As part of the activity of doing cuttings, I think it helps to think about our attitudes.  I want to encourage you to be willing to celebrate your own uniqueness and know that it is special and to appreciate that others are unique and special too.

I think an attitude of walking down the street thinking:  "I have my style and you have yours" rather than thinking:  "What on earth is she wearing?" increases our freedom to be ourselves and uncover our own style.

Coming next week:   #imperfect week - we're going to be looking at the effect the whole concept of perfection has on our creativity and development of a personal style.

Monday, 19 May 2014

How I Found My Personal Style I Continued: Cuttings

I think the easiest way to find your personal style is to get pictures of things you like to begin to work out your style.  Ultimately, I will show you how to create an 'inspiration board'.  In order to do this, you will first need to get some cuttings.

With Pinterest, it's easy to make an online pinboard of images you collect from all over the internet.  But for me, I still like having pictures in my hands - getting cuttings from magazines and catalogues or printing images off the internet!

But whether you're going to make an online board or get lots of cuttings, here are some ideas of sources:

MAGAZINES - online or paper versions.  If you're going to buy them specially, it's best to flick through them in the shops to see if there's anything good in them - you don't want to buy them and find they're no use.  If you can afford just one, In Style can be a good place to start.

And I would look at Vogue.  You may not be into 'fashion' but clothes are put together creatively in fashion magazines and there are lots of adverts too that are professionally styled.

Hello is full of pictures as well.   



If there is somebody whose style you admire or a film or television programme where you like the clothes, GOOGLE them and you're likely to find lots of images.  Also gettyimages is a picture library where you'll find pictures of most well known people.  Some celebrities have websites, fan pages on Facebook and blogs people have set up to keep a record of their style.

The Sartorialist - the famous fashion blog with pictures of people photographed on streets around the world. - like the Vogue website, you can see catwalk shows, search for celebrites, look at pictures of people at parties.

I recommend sourcing things from everywhere which appeal to your eye - whether it's a style of writing, a book cover...  And get inspired - you could take a trip somewhere like the costume galleries at a museum, go the library to look in books, hire some films.  Look at postcards, nature, colour swatches in paint shops, the people you pass in the street...

When it comes to doing the cuttings, tear or print out pictures of clothes, fabrics, makeup looks, hairstyles and any other things you feel drawn to the appearance of - it may be interiors - whatever.  Just pull out anything that jumps out at you without trying to work out why you like it.

It's important to do the cuttings ON YOUR OWN.  Don't be limited or put off by anythning.  Don't even consider whether it would fit/ suit you/ be affordable.  Sometimes women feel upset because they can only find pictures of models who are nothing like them in looks or age.  That's really not going to matter when we use the cuttings later. 

Have fun making your collection.  And come back on Monday to continue to find out what to do next...!