Monday, 9 June 2014

How I Found My Personal Style II: Questions of Taste

It's been a week or two since we were working through this series on finding your personal style.  We left it with you doing cuttings.

Continuing to get a feel of your tastes, the next thing to do is ask yourself:  "What do I love the look of?"  This is not just of clothes but things in general.  If you have pictures to illustrate your answers, that will help you even more.

LANDSCAPES or CITIES I love the look of:  This could be a kind of weather, like snow or a particular country or city.

PERIODS IN HISTORY:  You don't have to know the history of fashion although there are books on this at libraries and information online.  But perhaps a Romans toga

FILMS/ TV PROGRAMMES:  This could be anything from the fashion icon films like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany's to quirky and colourful cartoons.

PAINTINGS:  You don't have to be an art historian.  It could be something a friend paints or a picture on a greetings card you've got.

HOMES:  Could be anything from a National Trust house you've visited to something you've done in your own home.

DESIGNERS:  Perhaps it's a fashion designer whose work you admire or a shop window that attracts you and you always stop and look in when you pass.

PEOPLE:  Whose style do you admire?  We're bombarded with pictures of celebrities - it could be one of them.  It could be someone from the past or someone you personally know.  Maybe it's not all the time you admire a person's style but sometimes you glimpse something that appeals.

INTERESTS/ HOBBIES:  Do any of your hobbies give you ideas?  This could be something like food packaging or from the world of music.

CHILDHOOD:  Children often have a freedom around clothes and decorating if they're allowed to.  Remember your taste as a child.  Was there anything you loved the look of?  It could have been a character in a story book.  Or did yiou used to play dressing up - what did you choose to wear?

...Go!  Don't take too long pondering.  Just write anything that comes into your head.  And ignore any question that doesn't apply to you.

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