Monday, 28 July 2014

How I Found My Personal Style VI: Mood Board

If you get a piece of A3 card or paper, you can make it into your visual signature - your personal mood board.

You stick key images onto it:  shapes, colours and prints you like that sort of sum up your taste.  Don't worry about these things being in fashion.  Add words that most describe your style.

You could pin this page inside your wardrobe door as a constant source of inspiration and ideas.

Monday, 21 July 2014

How I Found My Personal Style V: Organising Cuttings

The next step in your quest to find your personal style:  Sort out your cuttings.

You may want to divide your pictures up into different sorts of items - put coats together, skirts, tops etc. and stick them on to pieces of paper or put them into a file.  Or there may be some other way that works better for you to organise your inspirations.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

How I Found My Personal Style IV: Words

Last week you looked through your cuttings and assessed why you chose them.  You started to think about words that would describe each of them.

Today, choose a few words that you feel describe your style overall - the style that seems to be emerging that is.

And then in a sentence or two, write down a description of your style.

You might say:
"My style is classic.  I tend to go for quite formal looks even for casual clothes and like to keep everything simple and just use discreet accessories."

"Girly.  Pretty.  Romantic.  I like floaty fabrics, soft colours and delicate pattern and decoration."

Perhaps to help you, think of it like this:

"How would I like someone to describe my style?"

Imagine a friend is describing you to someone - how would you like them to talk about your style?