Tuesday, 1 July 2014

How I Found My Personal Style IV: Words

Last week you looked through your cuttings and assessed why you chose them.  You started to think about words that would describe each of them.

Today, choose a few words that you feel describe your style overall - the style that seems to be emerging that is.

And then in a sentence or two, write down a description of your style.

You might say:
"My style is classic.  I tend to go for quite formal looks even for casual clothes and like to keep everything simple and just use discreet accessories."

"Girly.  Pretty.  Romantic.  I like floaty fabrics, soft colours and delicate pattern and decoration."

Perhaps to help you, think of it like this:

"How would I like someone to describe my style?"

Imagine a friend is describing you to someone - how would you like them to talk about your style?

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