Monday, 25 August 2014

I RECOMMEND: The No Brainer Wardrobe

I started reading Hayley Morgan aka The Tiny Twig's blog during her 31 Day No Brainer Wardrobe series back in 2011. 

The series is well worth a look as is the book that came out of it:  The No Brainer Wardrobe.  And so is her latest project - an ethical line of children's clothing - Wildly Co - that she's currently looking to fund.

She gives lots of good advice and all with a really positive attitude to what can be the very depressing subject of getting dressed!!

I especially wanted to recommend it today as for the last two weeks we've been talking about translating inspirations into real clothes.

Hayley is really big on this.  She's a fan of Pinterest and gives lots of helpful examples of turning inspirations into real clothes for real life.  Like this one:

She runs through this outfit explaining that:

1. She picks out the main components of it:  t.shirt, knitted waistcoat with shawl collar, wide belt and black trousers.

2. She finds things in her wardrobe that emulate it:  leggings as she doesn't have black trousers, grey t.shirt, the waistcoat although it's a bit longer.

She says:  "You see, it's all about the spirit of the outfit... not the exact match." which is exactly what I've been trying to say and I hope you're starting to see.

For more examples, buy the book!  Here's the testimonial I wrote that's on 'The No Brainer Wardrobe' website:

I have read so many books about all things to do with clothes but I found 'The No Brainer Wardrobe' like a breath of fresh air.  It simplifies something so many of us over complicate without taking away the creative element of having a unique style.  In fact, Hayley suggests really practical ways you can identify your personal taste and convert it into a real wardrobbe for real life.  Unlike other books, it encouraged me that having a wardrobe that works for all occasions is within reach and that getting and maintaining it can actually be straightforward and fun.

(Just so you know - I get no remuneration for recommending any of this).

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