Monday, 29 September 2014

Loving Imperfect You

This is part of a series about #selflove.  Last time I said that you are A UNIQUE, MIRACULOUS MASTERPIECE!!

And I want to add that you are BEAUTIFUL.

Yes!  Even beautiful.  People tend to think it's wrong to see themselves as beautiful because they don't belong in the world of the beautiful women.  They were never one of the girls who was considered to be pretty.

We grow up surrounded by ideas of what pretty equals and we feel we can't love ourselves when the world tells us what beautiful is, that it's not us and that there are people who are prettier than we are.

But you are allowed to think of yourself as beautiful.  You have every right.

The magazine and self improvement industries play on our deep fears and make us feel that we have no right to be 'imperfect' when we could do 'better'.

But... what if you don't have to be perfect to be beautiful?

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