Monday, 15 September 2014

What's To Love?

This is the start of a series about loving ourselves.  But before we even talk love or like, I want us to think about what it is that might make us worthy of us paying ourselves any attention at all...

Here's 3 reasons to start with:

1.  You are a MIRACLE.  This is undeniable.  It is miraculous that you exist.  The sperm that made you beat 400 million other sperm to fertilise the egg.  That's 6 1/2 times bigger than the entire UK population in sperm!

2.  You are a MASTERPIECE.  Just biologically.  You have 4 million pores.  60,000 miles of blood vessels (they would stretch 2 1/2 times around the earth) and 9-12 pints of blood that make 4000 trips a day around your body.  50 miles of nerves connect your brain, spinal cord and body.  And you have more than 3 million working parts in your eye alone.

3.  You are UNIQUE.  I really like the definition of that word:  one of a kind, extraordinary, distinct from others in a way that makes you worthy of note.

There's never been anyone like you before and there never will be again.  Your identity is in the unique DNA of all your 75 trillion cells which are so tiny 200 of them could fit on a full stop.

But marvellous as your body is, you're not just a unique body.  Of all the zillions of people who have ever lived, and will ever live, not one could be mistaken for you.  You have a unique personality, a unique mind and a unique potential to bring a unique style and creativity to everything you put your hand to.  As an original there must be some things for you to express that no one else can.  Only you can be you and impact the world your way.


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