Hi, I'm Anna.  I have created MIRROR MAKEOVER for you!

I first worked with girls and women 10 years ago as a stylist.  I found that through my clients opening their wardrobes came the opening of their hearts.  And as the clothes spilt out, so did their negative feelings about themselves.

I related to so much they shared and could see that we all needed something more than knowing how to pick flattering clothes.

Over the years, a message has developed I would love to share with you here on the blog and in person either as we work through your wardrobe together or at a group event for girls and women.

It has 3 main focuses:

SELF ESTEEM - helping you know how valuable you are.

SELF IMAGE - helping you see that perfection doesn't exist and you have your own unique beauty.

PERSONAL STYLE - helping you discover that you are stylish and to develop a creative confidence, especially with your dressing.


On Finding Your Personal Style
How I Found My Personal Style I
Part I Continued
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI
Part VII
Part VII Continued

On Loving Yourself
What's To Love?
Loving Imperfect You
Loving Real You
Loving Unique You

On Imperfection
It Doesn't Have To Be Perfect To Be Worth It

About Me
I have an MA in Art History specialising in the History of Dress from the Courtauld.
I worked with the costume collection in the Curatorial Department at Kensington Palace.
I trained in image and style at Aston+Hayes.