for women


You can enjoy a MIRROR MAKEOVER as a one-to-one where you get some gentle encouragement to feel more confident about yourself.  

We'll think a bit about your true worth and I'll also give you some tips and tricks on how to be your own stylist, discovering/ rediscovering your personal tastes and how to develop them into your own style of dressing.

In the process, we'll look at how to make the most of the clothes you have and when it comes to buying new ones, how to pick flattering shapes and colours.  We can also look at choosing and applying makeup that suits you.

This isn't about rules and regulations or right and wrong but you gaining freedom and confidence.

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There seems to be a daily new statistic in the papers about the pressures on girls, the resulting body-image and self-esteem issues and their negative effects.

Like you, I was once a girl at school so know something about what it feels like and like you, I am concerned for your daughters and the girls in your care.

A MIRROR MAKEOVER, is designed for a group to get together and think about self worth, self image and personal style.

It can be booked for a group of girls on their own or for them with you - their mothers/ guardians.

I talk about insecurites I had about myself growing up and the effect that wanting to hide who I was had on me.  I also talk about what I have learned since about:
  • where we get our value from and how significant each one of us is
  • our unique beauty
  • what it could look like to give up on perfect
  • overcoming the negative impact of comparing ourselves with other people  
I show you how to discover/ rediscover personal tastes and develop them into a personal style of dressing. The point of this is to encourage us to be positive and confident about being ourselves.

Please be assured there's nothing embarrassing about a MIRROR MAKEOVER - no tape measures or removing of clothes!!!  It is my desire to create an atmosphere where girls feel at ease and are under no pressure to participate more than they want to.

The makeover lasts around 2 hours and includes a break during which you work on personal style activities.  This makes it perfect for a morning, afternoon or evening.  There is flexibility with timing and content with each event depending on how long we will have, the ages of guests and facilities in the room we will be using.  Please get in touch to find out more!